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The National Center for Homeopathy protects your access to Homeopathy. We carry the word about homeopathy to the nation.

Why is it important for you to become a member of NCH?

  • Our adversaries have great access to power. Your membership provides NCH with crucial resources necessary to protect homeopathy in Congress and in state legislatures across the United States.
  • Your support allows us to share objectives with homeopathic drug manufacturers and protect their interests before dozens of regulatory agencies in Washington, D.C.
  • Your membership enables us to reach news organizations like the Associated Press, The Washington Times, The Chicago Tribune, The LA Times, The Tucson Citizen, Health Magazine, Mothering Magazine, Fit Pregnancy, Organic Style Magazine, Arthritis Today, Alternative Health Magazine, and many others encouraging them to write good, balanced stories about homeopathy – or counter negative ones. This effort must continue.
  • It means that NCH has the resources to schedule key spokespeople on radio stations across America.
  • It enables NCH to arrange nationwide broadcasts of the documentary – “Homeopathy: The Miracle of Healing” on DISH Network television – reaching 14.5 million American households.
  • It ultimately returns to you as yet another benefit. The more we can spread the word, the more likely it is that the practice of Homeopathy will become more widely known and accepted. NCH is the voice for homeopathy.

What else does your NCH membership do?

  • We send you helpful information in our bi-monthly magazine, Homeopathy Today.
  • We send an informative e-Newsletter on alternate months.
  • We provide a comprehensive website that has the answer to almost any question about homeopathy.
  • We provide you outstanding continuing educational programs for practitioners and laypeople alike.
  • We organize frequent stimulating web chat sessions for you, our members – giving you access to some of the greatest minds in homeopathy.
  • We try to help you care for yourself, your family and your friends. In the event of a real epidemic, we are working on a HERT (Homeopathy Emergency Response Team) plan for homeopathic response to any act of terrorism, epidemic or bioterrorism, so that we can have resources available, practitioners notified, information on our website, and whatever is needed to help you handle any such event. 

The NCH needs you! Please click HERE and sign up to become a member today. With your help, NCH will continue to protect this wonderful system of healing. Please join today!


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